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    Maison Leroy Private Collection (1/5) - All immediately available. Massively under market prices!

    The name Leroy is synonymous with Burgundy. Named after it’s owner Lalou Bize-Leroy, she is unrelenting in her pursuit of the purest expression of Burgundy possible.

    The story of the Leroy family’s dominance in the wine world began more than a century ago, in 1868, when François Leroy founded Maison Leroy in Auxey-Duresses, a small village near Meursault. When Lalou’s father, Henri, joined the family business in 1919, the firm was already established as one of the greatest in Burgundy. Lalou joined her father in 1955, taking over the house in 1971.

    Maison Leroy is the cornerstone of the Leroy empire and a negociant operation through which Lalou offers wines from many of the appellations of Burgundy. Maison Leroy has no historic contracts for grape buying and select the best grapes each vintage purely on quality.

    Lalou tastes all of the negociant wines every year before release and selects the full range of Maison wines for the year prior to each release, with the wines having been matured at the domaine till they are in their drinking window.

    All the wines in this offer  were purchased directly from Maison Leroy upon release and are all packed in original cardboard cases.

    This is the first of five offers from a large private collection of Maison Leroy.

    All wines are now stored in LCB and are available for immediate delivery

    Wine Quantity Case Size Sale Price (GBP IB per case)
    2014 Chassagne Montrachet Chenevottes; Maison Leroy 2 Cs (6x75cl)  £                                            2,000
    2012 Chassagne Montrachet Vergers; Maison Leroy 2 Cs (6x75cl)  £                                            2,000
    2011 Chassagne Montrachet Vergers; Maison Leroy 2 Cs (6x75cl)  £                                            2,000
    2008 Chassagne Montrachet Embrazees; Maison Leroy 1 Cs (6x75cl)  £                                            2,150
    2011 Puligny Montrachet Garenne; Maison Leroy 2 Cs (6x75cl)  £                                            2,550
    2008 Meursault Perrieres; Maison Leroy 1 Cs (6x75cl)  £                                            4,000
    2006 Meursault Perrieres; Maison Leroy 1 Cs (6x75cl)  £                                            4,400
    2017 Bourgogne Blanc, Maison Leroy 2 Cs (12x75cl)  £                                               975
    2017 Auxey Duresses Blanc, Maison Leroy 2 Cs (12x75cl)  £                                            2,800
    2011 Chassagne Montrachet; Maison Leroy 2 Cs (12x75cl)  £                                            7,000


    All wines offered under bond.

    All wines subject to final confirmation.

    Immediately available.